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Eberhard Sterling
 Posted: Jan 26 2017, 09:32 AM
Eberhard Sterling
Nevada N/A N/A




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Boring, But Not Perfect

He sits with you when the others go to sleep, two lost boys swallowed by the vastness of the dining table. Books are already stacked into a neat pile. There's a pad of paper and a pen. Rolf watches you sulk with tired eyes, patient and serious in that way he has.

You hate his way. It's boring. It makes Mutti like him better. It makes Elke sing to him more. Everyone loves Rudolph, he does everything right. He's good at school. He helps out around the house. Boring, boring, boring.

"'M tired," you complain, flopping dramatically over the books. "My stomach aches," you lie, and when Rolf doesn't buy it, you leap from the chair and bolt for freedom. Rolf catches you by the scruff of the shirt - still giggling wildly - and forces you to return to the task at hand. It's only reading, but you hate it. It's so boring (maybe even more boring than Rolf) and you can never keep up with Elke. You don't care. They already said you're slow. That means you don't need to try.

"Yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn~" You sing-song, swinging your legs. "You're getting very~ sleepy~ "

Rolf isn't, of course. He stays awake, until you finally do what he asks just so he'll let you sleep. By that time, the night is deep and the candlelight you've been studying by burns low. You slip from the chair, scampering for freedom, troubles already a distant afterthought as you join your twin in a safe cocoon.

Rolf doesn't follow. You don't notice. After all, Rolf is perfect.

    When you're older, you understand what he did for you. You understand that he was sad, just like you were. That he was mad, just like you were. You learn that he's terrified of the dark, and that staying with you, protected by that tiny, flickering flame, was the most difficult thing he'd ever done.

    Sometimes you let him help you study, even if you don't need it.

    Most times, you light a candle at night and take it into his room. Not because you love him - ha! - but because light is warmer shared.

    It's way too boring otherwise.


  Some Call Her Karma

She sits with you quietly, both legs propped up on too-white sheets, one foot on top of the other. Cards are strewn on the blankets, all out in a row. She's playing a game. You have no idea what game, exactly, because staring at the cards is like looking into glass and watching light fracture into a million different streaks. It's beautiful. It's overwhelming. It makes your head hurt. Everything makes your head hurt these days. Might have something to do with getting your skull beaten in. Funny, that.

You press your hands over your eyes and stifle a snort. Elke shifts. Her boots rustle the sheets.

"Is it happening again? Your vision,"

You reply cheerfully: "Worse every day."

Nothing looks right anymore. Nothing looks real. You're reminded of dear old Mum, who'd look at you and be a million miles away. You'd laugh, if you were slightly less hopped up on painkillers. As it is, you only grin. There's a whisper in your ears, between the fraying threads of your reality, reminding you that,

"You don't deserve this," Elke's voice cuts through, startling in its intensity. She's still playing cards. She's gone very still. "Any of this. I thought you should know that. Before you lapsed into full-on martyrdom." Her voice lilts into a tease, but she's gentle when she reassures: "Rolf doesn't blame you for Mutti. None of us do. People die. It's sad. It happens."

Your smile feels like raindrops on glass. It slides off just as easily, unspooling from the hollow of your chest.

"Wow. That's precious. Are you going to give me a hug next? Fair warning, I'm a cuddler."


    You hate and love being a twin. Hate and love the way someone can know you, even without words - even as you selfishly steal the comfort that comes with it. Elke is always there. Competition. Companion. Eventually: closer than you know.

    She's wrong, though. You do deserve this. You've deserved this since you were seven years old, telling your dying mother to 'go back to sleep' because you wanted to snooze in. She was fussing. You were supposed to watch her. You dismissed her pain - she was always in pain - and idly thought that it would be better if she didn't wake up again.

    Be careful what you wish for. Better not to wish at all.


  Down the Rabbit Hole

You sit alone. The hotel is to your taste: grand and empty, full of meaningless comforts that mean so, so much. The TV is on, and if the sensual moaning coming from your bedroom is any indication, pay-per-view has finally kicked in. Good thing, too. You're getting bored. Drink in hand, you feel up the side table and snag your phone (10 unread messages tonight), drifting to the balcony for an upskirt shot of the moon.

Looking gorgeous tonight, hon.

Moonlight stretches on to infinity. Life spins on, a collection of too-sharp angles that define your strange, crystalline world. Lounging on a deck chair, you swing both feet up to rest on the rails. You drain your drink, a sharp sting of alcohol, and ride the warmth all the way down to the bottom of the barrel.

Two texts are from your twin, and you reply classically: with pictures of a nude model you found on the internet. Six are random women (and one from a man), all classed by physical traits. You grin as you ponder who to call back. The last text - The last text text makes you sit up and pay attention. It's a text from the Devil, and it's asking for your soul.

Melodrama aside, you know what this contract means. It means weaponizing your ideas. It means crossing a line. It means becoming a monster, to combat monsters, and bearing all the weight and hate that comes with it.

Maybe it should bother you, when the only thing that crosses your conscience is: How much is being a monster worth?


    It should, but it doesn't. Not much bothers you these days, on your magnificent(ly sexy) pedestal. Everything is too trivial, too mundane, too dull. Everything except the fractals that create and dictate, demanding that you exceed even your own expectations. In the end, it's a numbers game. You do so like your numbers.

    In your downtime, you splinter into a million pieces, fractured as your vision is fractured, racing on moonbeams to the very edges of the universe. There is no high like the highs you achieve, this sacred tower reserved for gods, indifferent to morals or mortality. In this place, you are untouchable.

    (And when you crash, it's a long way to fall.)



this is ellis; pornstar, legend, pussydestroyer69. he likes to think of himself as god's gift to the world, but he's really mostly known for two things: creating kickass robots/A.I. and being on a particularly ruinous season of "the bachelor". he runs a private company called aegislash tech that researches, manufactures, and sells cutting-edge robots and anti-pokemon protection devices. in his spare time, he streams way too many TV shows and indulges in just about every vice known to man.

ellis grew up as ebbe, one half of the sterling twins, and part of a family unit he would later come to know as his 'ball-and-chain'. he was a warm, energetic child, full of heart and spunk, frequently running headlong into the electric fence that was their home environment. to cope, he developed a cocky, devil-may-care attitude that both insulated and eventually ruined him. he is closest to his twin sister ezra and endures a grudging fondness of his older brother rolf.

ellis has acquired savant syndrome, a result of their uncle's pompagoon beating him into a two-week coma when he was sixteen. he sees the world in fractals and geometric shapes, which he claims helps him to understand machines on a fundamental level. while his gift helps him to recreate observable patterns in robots, it also feeds his sense of isolation and despondence. he will never be able to perfectly recreate nature, and his drive to do so is nothing short of obsessive.

while he draws inspiration from pokemon, he despises them and works to make machines that can emulate and counter them. after the events of lvc, he signed a military contract to create anti-pokemon jaegers robots and weapons. to say he's pleased would be an understatement.

he also totally looks like rolf from the back, their builds and height are that similar. has frequently been mistaken for rolf's twin instead, of which he is clearly the better looking one.

originally from: idyllwild, CA
ties with: the company, military/ tech companies, university of southern california - alumni & guest lecturer (computer engineering/ computer science, intelligent robotics)


just don't bring him home to your parents. ellis is the type of friend best appreciated in small doses. he's wild, flirtatious, reckless, relentlessly fun, always chasing that next big thrill; that next great high. hedonistic and self-serving, he doesn't care enough to be considered reliable, but can show you all the ways to enjoy life without actually living at all. he defines himself by his work, so that's his number one BFF. he also has a twisted obsession with death, so much so that his 'reckless' is very often 'dangerous', but hey. let's not talk about guilt and just desserts~ why take life so seriously? no one gets out alive anyway.


he's a materialistic, arrogant ass who loves running his mouth. he's also extremely anti-pokemon and has numerous projects that demonstrate as much. his company, attention and skills go where the money is, so he's been involved in hugely amoral projects and felt no regret over most any of them. the list goes on. give him all the enemies.


hit him up @pussydestroyer69


officially, none. unofficially, he's plagued by two ghosts of the past who won't leave him alone. AGNES is his mother's hoopa, her companion through hardship and mental illness. she's taken to haunting living with him after inka's death, but will pay visits to the other sterling children to check up on them. most terrifying babysitter ever.

SCHÄDLING, or PEST, is a rotom he worked with to explore pokemon-machine fusion. it grew fond of him because of his unique mental processes - it mimics the pokemon's own - and he hasn't been able to get rid of it since. it makes his coffee and spends the day entertaining itself with various household appliances. ellis has legit tried to vacuum it out of the house. it possessed the vacuum.

Lorekeeper Benny
 Posted: Jan 30 2017, 08:40 AM
Lorekeeper Benny
Admin Vintage 5ever Derp
Advanced Member




user posted image
We're happy to inform you that you have been accepted to HOLOGRAPHIC. We're happy that you've joined us, and we hope to get to know you and your character very soon. Your character has received a DIANCIE!
Rolf Sterling
 Posted: Feb 4 2017, 08:41 PM
Rolf Sterling
California 34 PR Consultant / Lawyer
Another hole to dig my soul in I'll leave anything bare



POSTS 1103


Rolf loves his siblings deeply. I don't think there's words to express how much he does because I don't know if he's ever said it to them, honestly. He shows how much he cares with the things he does. He's far from perfect and part of him realizes how badly he messed up by leaving the twins behind to deal with their stupid uncle.


Even when they butt heads, I don't think there's anyone in the world Rolf can rely on like he does his brother and sister. At their worst, Rolf will still trust Ebbe and probably still be there for him. Just all the beautiful brotherly things <3 U know, like finding out he has strange dating profiles he never even made thanks Ebbe, thanks.

Rolf is 4ever proud of you and everything u do. I still keep thinking of the baby Sterlings taking care of each other and it's just... so much. It's so important to me. I'M GLAD HE'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!

This was lame I'm sorry.


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