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 BELIKOVA, POLINA, #973927401
Polina Belikova
 Posted: Jan 31 2017, 02:07 PM
Polina Belikova
Oregon 39 TR Boss/Philanthropist
All Hail the Queen, Long May She Reign!




Named for the character of Margarita from Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and the Margarita. The leukoon originally was born and raised under the care of Polina's aunt, Lera, but grew close to Polina after spending her youth within her aunt's household.

Margarita was especially protective of her and seems to bear a longstanding grudge against Polina's husband. Lera always told her the leukoon was a good judge of character and since being proven right in that instance, Polina has relied on the pokemon's reactions when evaluating first impressions.

Margarita also has a tendency to be proactive when faced with potential threats to Polina and her children. Much has disappeared within the void-like maw of the leukoon never to be seen or heard from again. There are rumors that those that cross her will disappear within there as well.

In the public eye, however, the leukoon is lauded for its services to the natural areas throughout Salem and Portland where Polina often visits. The leukoon's beauty is attributed to the many times it has cleansed the various areas of threats to its ecosystems.

Named for Mikhail Bulgakov, that author of The Master and the Margarita. Since learning the origin story for the banette, Polina believes Misha to be the spirit of her favorite childhood doll. The doll was thrown away by her father and not long after, Misha appeared and began to haunt their family's home. She also believes that it cursed her father as a result of callously tossing it away.

When her father sent her to American with her aunt, the banette reappeared in her aunt's home. The pokemon wasn't officially captured until after Polina reached her majority at eighteen, though the pokemon has been a companion of sorts for almost all her life.

Misha is the face of one of Polina's campaigns to remove the stigma associated with ghost-type pokemon and with banette's species in particular. Said to the embodiment of pure hatred, Polina begs to differ and claims these neglected pokemon are discarded child toys and should be rehomed with willing families.

Recently, Polina has used Misha as a guinea pig after hearing of a mysterious serum. The resulting form change has made Misha unable to reenter the public eye. Polina is currently looking into purchasing a double to hide her illegal experimentation. She hasn't regretted the change, however, and is extremely pleased with the new abilities Misha has presented.

Katya was the government issued pokemon Polina received at eighteen. Originally an eevee, its transformation was much anticipated in gossip columns. Years at Polina's side yielded its evolution into an espeon, which was looked upon as indicative of her positive character.

Unofficially, the espeon has undergone substantial training and in both defensive and offensive maneuvers. It will attack when ordered, but otherwise serves as a guard pokemon. Its psychic abilities allowing it to predict an opponent's next move has saved Polina from more than one attempt on her life.

Named for Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the author of Crime and Punishment. Its a loaded reference to the twisted way in which Polina operates in the public and private spheres. Fedya was purchased from a famous breeder on the black market, famed for their unique specializations.

Fedya specializes in mental and emotional torture, with effects ranging from short to long term. It is also capable of manipulation through hypnosis, but this treatment is reserved mostly for her more personal enemies. Polina takes pleasure in bending others to her will, especially knowing how they would react if they were aware of it.

In the public eye, Fedya is extremely well behaved, though Polina doesn't take him out often. Polina plans to execute a similar campaign to her one for banettes featuring malamars. The goal would be to remove the stigma of evil staining the malamar species and educate the population to dissuade their fear.

Named after the character with the same name in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. Another private joke on the part of Polina. Sonya's character is often equated to a christ-like figure and draws comparisons to Mary Magdalene.

Rather than help her partner in this case, Sonya further facilitates Polina's various images. Extremely well-behaved in the public sphere, yet fostering a cruel streak when permitted within the private sphere.

Polina discovered Sonya while living in Salem during the beginning of her marriage. The gourgiest embodies much of what Polina herself values in its contradictory personality.

As with her other ghost-type pokemon, Sonya has graced many a pokemon-themed magazine cover spreading messages of tolerance and education.


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