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 Diana Logan, Transient | 38 | Pokébiologist
Diana Logan
 Posted: Mar 29 2017, 12:19 PM
Diana Logan
Validating 38 Pokébiologist

PLAYED BY Andy Sabola



Diana Logan “We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still.”
Transient Victoria, BC Pokébiologist 38 She Zoie Palmer
Andy Sabola U.S. Eastern (GMT-5) Not Dead Yet PM

Diana has loved pokémon since before she was able to say the word - some of her oldest memories are of playing with the family’s Eevee - and as precocious as she was growing up, everyone knew she would be studying pokémon as a career some day. She received her own first pokémon, a Squirtle her younger sister demanded to name “George” despite Diana’s protests, as a gift on her eighth birthday, and the two have scarcely been apart since.

During her school years, Diana always preferred training to coordinating, and was able to assemble a formidable junior-league team headed up by George, who had evolved into a Blastoise before Diana graduated from high school. She continued as a trainer in college, as a member of her university’s intramural league.

Competitions fell by the wayside, however, when she decided to pursue her PhD in pokémon genetics. She reluctantly re-homed most of her team with fellow trainers, but couldn’t bear to part with George. Once she had earned her doctorate, she joined an esteemed research lab in the US, eventually heading her own team.

Her career took a turn in a more exciting direction when her group discovered the Z-Macrocyte, or Zygarde Cell. Once several cells and a core had been obtained by the scientists, they were able to combine into a 10% form and Bulldoze their way out of the lab overnight. Diana had been working late, so she heard the resulting commotion and set off after her specimen. Eventually, she caught up, and after a brief fight with George, captured the Zygarde in a poké ball.

With most of their test subjects gone, and the remaining one, which Diana had now nicknamed ‘Zed,’ testing as a simple alternate form of Zygarde, research stalled. In addition, the battle between Blastoise and Zygarde had rekindled Diana’s passion for training. She decided to solve both problems at once, and after securing a grant to finance her work and permission to take Zed with her, she went into the field to track down more Zygarde component forms.

George is Diana’s longest-serving partner, raised from the Squirtle she received as a young girl. During Diana’s time as a lab researcher, he was, in fact, her only pokémon. He loves to battle, and is rarely happier than when facing down a tough opponent, so he has found Diana’s shift to the field more than agreeable. The pair’s constant companionship has given them absolute trust in each other and George a fierce defensive instinct towards Diana.

Zed is the reason that Diana left the lab and became a field researcher. When it escaped its habitat, the lab, and the building as a newly-formed Zygarde, Diana was on hand to track it down. Cornered, it attacked, but George was able to subdue it for capture. Over the following months of study, a bond grew between researcher and subject, so when Diana decided to seek out further Zygarde cells firsthand, Zed went with her as tracking aid, protector, and companion.

Diana knew she would need a larger team to keep her safe in the field. An old friend from her training days was running a pokémon rescue, and introduced her to Ace. At some point, the Lucario’s spikes had been amputated, probably to diminish her ability to injure her keepers, but she remained undaunted, finding peace in meditation one moment, and fighting tooth and nail the next. By taking her along, Diana was able to offer her a caring owner, friendly companion ‘mon, and plenty of open space and fresh air. The two have become fast friends, beginning every morning by meditating together.

When Diana intruded on his territory in the southern Rockies, Tio expressed his objection with a level of violence she had never thought possible. It took the combined efforts of George, Zed, and Ace to incapacitate him after battling for hours, and not once did he ever move to retreat. She captured the Tyranitar, heavily scarred from what must have been decades of battles, knowing his strength could be put to good use. He remains extremely aggressive, but has sufficient respect for the trainer that defeated him to obey Diana’s commands.

Diana refers to Ears as her “fuzzy survival kit,” but he started off just tagging along with her out of innocent curiosity. In fact, she didn’t even need to put him in a poké ball until she made it to California. He has been employed as a firestarter, lantern, signal beacon, compass, rope-runner, and in many other capacities since he started traveling with Diana, duties he performs proudly and gleefully.

Rasa was a parting gift from Diana’s team to wish her luck on her journey, and as a bit of an in-joke among geneticists. Though its ability to transform is useful, it is highly reluctant to battle.


She’s definitely got at least one younger sister, who named her starter and reinforced it until it stuck. She has no kids, but I think she’d make a pretty cool aunt. At least one of her parents is probably a scientist or engineer of some kind.


Fellow trainers and scientists, rangers or other nature-based people she’d meet on her journey.


If you hurt pokémon or people, she will hurt you. Other than that, if someone wants to start competing with her for Zygarde cells, that could be fun.


If you’ve got someone you’d like to throw at her, be my guest. I haven’t decided on her sexuality yet because it’s not terribly important to the concept, so everyone is eligible for now.

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