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 Your Vulnerable Parts, Vivian (Kaien)
Rhiannon Alcott
 Posted: Mar 5 2017, 07:16 PM
Rhiannon Alcott
California 28 Cyber Warfare Engineer
Im sick of the government reading but never liking my statuses




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"You're a friggin therapist, Viv. Why is your house a.. a 5.4... Nahh. 5.3. Add some lasers and motion sensing sirens and we have a solid 6 here. Which is basically your domestic 9. And I thought Cait had an excessive domestic setup!" Rhiannon's eyes flicked down to the rather curious Butterfree which was resting on the windowsill next to her, watching her attempts to break into Viv's house. "Your owner is v para my dude." There was a soft click as the window slid open noiselessly, and Rhia resisted the urge to dive roll into the room. She'd been resting her weight awkwardly for at least twelve minutes and her physio was gonna have WORDS. Easing her body lightly onto the windowsill, swinging her legs into the room, the Butterfree lifted itself off the edge and the pair of them shared a few Cheetos from inside the various areas in Rhia's clothes. They had been designated for food, which basically meant there was a frightening amount of Cheetos in her clothes. Washing her clothes was probably hell for whoever that was. The Butterfree's tiny hands looked adorable as it munched, and Rhia's heart was melting almost as fast as the cheesy snacks. Dropping onto the carpet she gestured to the Butterfree, closing the window behind her and quite mindlessly cleaning up all traces of her break-in.

"Paranoia's not a bad thing." Rhiannon murmured conspiratorially as the bug Pokemon rested on her shoulder, perching. "I respect it, conceptually-speaking. I haven't accessed a live over-5 since Toulouse and it's just not the same in HQ you know? Alaska doesn't have a possibly-hostile Genesect. It doesn't have hostile anything. Not really. Pure scenario work. And also I have no idea what this rash on my arm is - do you think I should bring it up to Viv?" The Butterfree appeared to think this was a good idea.
Probably. Rhia had no fucking clue. It was a bug Pokemon, its face was more eyes than a neck that could nod, and she couldn't quite believe it knew what she was on about anyhoo.


It had seemed like such a good idea at three in the morning to finally go and see Vivian. Rhia had been sitting on the location for a few weeks, never really feeling like she was in the right frame of mind to actually go. Even though she'd seen Viv since the information was in her hands, and had sat there feeling like she was practically vibrating from the possibilities, it was quite something else to actually go to someone's house. Had she not been turning up at the houses of people from the internet she'd never met face to face since she was old enough to be "trusted" with a taser (in public), she would have likely been deterred by the sprawling maze of bizarre plants that passed for a garden on this land. As it was, grazes aside, she'd been making friends and hadn't been incinerated by a techno blast. Can't complain.

The kitchen had been easy to find. Viv's bedroom had been more difficult - Rhia had crept around the building, silently silently opening doors throughout the home, peering in through the early morning illumination and looking for the telltale signs of an actual person. Vivian lived alone. In some ways, Rhiannon would not have been surprised if she had discovered an entire orphanage stashed behind these walls. Sure, it wouldn't suit Viv at all. But it wouldn't suit the Vivian that was shown around Rhiannon. And said Rhiannon was far too sharp to expect that she had a good handle on someone so adept at putting across exactly what she wanted you to see. When she did find the correct room, darker than the rest because the curtains were actually closed, Rhiannon placed her finger over her mouth to the Butterfree, whose fluttering wings immediately stilled in understanding. Rhia tilted her head. (She hadn't actually expected that to work. Even though cursory research about Vivian revealed that the woman had completed the Pacific League, trainers weren't necessarily inclined to teach their Pokemon the concept of subtlety.) Glancing around the room, she was casually assessing for nearby weapons that might be thrown or shot in shock, always smart to check, and just taking in the environment. The entire house, while teeming with a surprising amount of extremely vigorous plant life, was pretty spartan. You could tell there was quality, but it wasn't really the goldmine of personal information Rhia had secretly been hoping for.

I mean, why else keep people out unless there was something fun inside?

Rhiannon glided across the room in the manner of stale air that had circulated in the room since nightfall. Rather than making no sound at all, her breathing was quiet and even, the breathing of something that should be in the room and was not worth waking up for. Pockets of silence were too apparent, suspicious even. It was not enough to be stealthy. Centuries of being eaten by Pokemon that could move stealthily had made humanity very aware of stealthy movement. Her limbs were like moving furniture, a passing Combee, environmental white noise.
It was the most unnoticeable she was capable of being without the intervention of her team. Rhia suspected that Viv would be drifting into light consciousness in any case. She had always had sharp hearing for the muttered confessions of her patients, their muted sighs, sullen fidgeting. Even though the kitchen was not the immediate room below or connected in any direct way, she'd been making some level of sound in there. Also the smell of cooking was slowly making its way upstairs.

Leaning on the foot of the bed, she held one hand over her mouth, trying desperately not to giggle as she reached out, tugging on the edge of the sleeping woman's quilt firmly.
"Viiiiiviaaaan." She sang softly, pleasantly quiet, but still clear. The sort of voice someone used when they wanted you to wake up, but not throw your alarm clock at their head. In surprise, as the sound was louder than any she'd made so far, the Butterfree's wings fluttered briefly above her, creating a gentle breeze. Her entire body was tense, even though she was grinning.

Vivian Solvei
 Posted: Mar 20 2017, 07:37 AM
Vivian Solvei
Hawaii 58 Psychologist
Advanced Member




A step.

A sound.

Vivian's mind was on alert, even as she lay quiet under the covers in the heavily darkened room. At the moment, there was no sound. Nothing to tell what was going on. But she was well trained. Her pokemon were well trained. But all it took was one noise, one miniscule noise within the house, to stir her from sleep. Her mind ran through the possibilities, wondering who - or what - had made it's way into her house. And more importantly, how they had tracked down her home in the first place.

The gardens outside were generally where any intruder-to-be would be stopped, between the poisonous life that grew there and the pokemon on watch for any signs of life that shouldn't be there. It was practically impossible to get through without one or the other stopping an intruder, or at the very least making enough of a noise so as to alert the rest of the household to the strange occurrence. Each and every one of its inhabitants were trained to disarm, disable, and if needed, kill. For this to not have happened before they entered the house was either a sign of extreme trouble, or of safety.

Of course, being the person she was, her mind prepared itself for the former. If her pokemon had deemed the person safe, that was not an issue she needed to worry about for the moment. But if they had either slipped past the entire team, or disabled any of them, then the problem was much bigger and meant she was in more danger than she thought. This type wouldn't be a robber, just wanting to find some prize. No, her home was entirely too difficult to penetrate and had no real treasure to lure any to its midst. If someone came here, they were here for her.

A warm, deft hand silently slid across the sheet and under the pillow, fingers wrapping themselves over the intricate hilt of the dagger hidden there. The woman was a trained and experienced assassin. She didn't simply go into a situation with no way to fight. If someone was here for a fight, they wouldn't be leaving this house alive, whether they bested her or not. Assuming they even made it through the garden without so much as brushing against the life there, the house was equipped with many more surprises she could activate if needed.

The ever so light trickle of air, the silent steps. Whoever was here, was a professional.

The entity had entered her room, and accompanying her was the scent of... food? Running through the possibilities of what that could mean, Viv remained silent and still, only the steady rising of her perfect breathing noting any sort of life. The aroma of prepared food threw off the idea that someone could be here for anything terrible, but that left as many unanswered questions as answered. And she wasn't ready to rule out malice until she knew exactly what was here, in her room. Uninvited.

The breathing of life was even, normal. And was that two? The other she recognized, the subtle but quick breathes of her butterfree, though wings were still. Her body relaxed, hand uncurling from the weapon but not moving otherwise, so as not to create anything that could be seen or heard. If the butterfree was here, and breathing just so, then the safer option had occurred. Someone her pokemon deemed to not be a threat had entered, and therefore had been allowed to traverse her house unchallenged. But who? She hadn't been expecting anyone, which meant this was a surprise visit. And standard procedure for an emergency visit hadn't been followed, which made the situation stranger.

Soon, the person was at the end of her bed, which was given due to the small amount of pressure put of the frame from their leaning on it. It seemed the sneaking part of this encounter was over, and the wings of her bug pokemon started to flutter, creating a light breeze to stir the air. A telltale sign that things should be okay, assuming her team hadn't misread the intruder. The edge of her quilt was grabbed lightly and tugged, as the voice sang softly through the air. A voice she recognized.

Rhiannon Alcott?

Now that wasn't what she'd expected. She'd known the woman was resourceful and intelligent. Tracking down her home was definitely a testament to that. There was no way that Tristan had been so careless as to leak the information himself, so she had to have found it on her own. And she made it through all of the obstacles to get into the house. The psychologist was mildly impressed at the moment, as her body shifted and rose slowly, as if she was tired, eyes fluttering as she locked her eyes on the woman at the edge of her bed.

"Rhiannon. How surprising to see you here." Her voice was calm, but risen to inflect a touch of surprise, which would be light due to having just woken up. At least, that's what she wanted the woman to believe. Having gone through her maze of plants and likely passed many if not all of her resident pokemon, the young woman had to realize that Vivian had a well-protected home. Based on the bubbly expression on her face, it seemed she hardly realized the life-threatening danger she'd been in coming here. It was good that her pokemon had apparently recognized who this was, else she'd have to send a rather awkward message to Tristan.

There was no way she'd deliver that news to him in person. She didn't have a death wish.

Her body shifted, turning her covers over and moving her legs over the edge of the bed, pulling a night gown hung next to it down to drape over her body. She slept in her undergarments, as she needed to be agile should she need to defend herself right out of sleep. Besides, the sight of someone fighting in underwear was a distracting sight to most people, which was just another way to throw them off guard and give her an advantage.

Standing up and allowing the silk robe to fall and fold over her body, she tied the matching deep purple cloth belt to hold the fabric closed, turning to face Rhia with a light smile. "I must admit, I'm a little impressed you found your way to my room. How long did it take you to get through the garden and rest of the house?" She didn't worry about what she may have seen in the house. Viv didn't keep anything personal or revealing in physical evidence. She wasn't so careless as to put value in material possessions that could betray her secrets. Her home was neutral, and there was nothing here to show who it belonged to other than herself and her pokemon.

With a wave to the butterfree, the bug type flew over to the wall and touched the pad that activated the lights, bringing a soft, gentle light to the room but allowing her to get a better look at her visitor. She seemed relatively unscathed, but as her watchful eyes passed over the woman's frame, she noticed the redness that indicated a rash. One the woman believed she recognized, but needed a better look. A hand deftly pulled the drawer of the nightstand next to her open, pulling something out and dropping it into a pocket of the robes. "Oh, you have a rash. Mind if I have a look?" She walked over gently and lightly but firmly grabbed her wrist to get a better look at it. "Sorry for the force, but where did you get this rash?" It only took a few moments of study on the ever-growing red rash to understand she was correct. Apparently Rhiannon hadn't been quite as lucky in the garden as she originally thought.

Rhia barely had a chance to respond before she continued, her free hand diving into her pocket. "Hold still just a moment. This will take care of the rash." Quickly but with great precision, her hand pulled out the item she'd pulled from the drawer. The syringe, equipped with a thin needle, contained a strange looking liquid. Vivian pushed the needle into the Alcott's skin, hitting the right spot in the crevice of her elbow and dispensing the antidote in a swift movement, pulling the needle out the moment it was done to minimize discomfort. Releasing her wrist, the older woman returned to the drawer to place the syringe in it once again, clicking a button once it closed to activate a lock. She didn't need the girl studying it more thoroughly, as she may be inclined to do.

[OOC Note: The injection/antidote was discussed and agreed to with Feel off-screen prior to this post.]


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