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 The Rules and Regulations, Required Reading
Professor Oak
 Posted: Oct 1 2014, 12:51 PM
Professor Oak
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Here on Holographic we hope to foster a creative, inclusive, welcoming environment that is a safe space for all roleplayers. We have several regulations in place to keep this ideal firmly in place. Breaking a rule, depending on the severity, will result in being banned from the board. Note that we will take into account both sides of an issue should one arise, issuing empathy when necessary. However we will not hesitate to be harsh when strictness is required.

Rules pertaining to claims (including faces, jobs, etc.) will be on the page for that claim. Regulations regarding the application will be above the application template.

We are a no word-count site, but we do expect our members to provide enough substance for their thread partners to respond to. In the same stretch, we expect a decent understanding of grammar and spelling in both threads and applications. Applications do not need to be a certain length. What we will be looking for is well developed, complex characters with creative players that wish to fully immerse themselves in the Holo world. We expect all topics to be dealt with in a mature, informed manner.
Character Limit
While there is no real character limit (just be realistic with how many you can keep up with), there are requirements to meet before creating a new member of your party. Secondary characters cannot be moved onto/will not be accepted until all of your claims are made. In addition, one in-character post is asked before moving forward to another character.

Applications can only be posted one at a time. A new character application can only be posted as complete after the last character applied has met the previous requirements.

Fair Treatment
Openly attacking, harassing, or manipulating other individuals on the board will result in an immediate ban once proof is presented. Any hate or degrading comments regarding a roleplayer or character’s sexuality, race, religion, gender identity, or personal interests will be treated similarly. Absolutely no mistreatment of other players will be tolerated on the site. In addition, we will not allow members to harass other members for posts or responses - in the CBox, on forum, or over chat (if such harassment is reported). Holographic will and always will be a relaxed pace site, and we will not tolerate such behavior.
The base rule of any roleplay – we here at Holographic expect there to be mutual respect between everyone on the site. This should be shown in all OOC interactions on board, from the cbox to plotting and games. Maintain patience and consideration whenever possible. Should a disagreement arise, we request it be kept off of the forum and out of the cbox until those involved can sort out the issue. Staff is always open to helping out in these cases and will remain impartial in any argument.
While staff are significant for a roleplay, it is truly the members that make the forum. Appreciate those who join, show attention and give them space to create. Be nonjudgmental. Roleplaying is an odd hobby as it is - additional judgment for playing characters or situations differing from your own preference should be nonexistent. Allotment is made for everyone to write however they wish to write here on Holographic, and considering the first rule, that should be respected.
While we allow for a variation of graphic content, the intent of Holographic is still character development based on all possible events. Mature situations pushing the boundaries of this should be marked with [M] (for mature content) or [CW] (for content/trigger warning) at the end of the thread title.

If you feel content may be risky or potentially triggering for a roleplayer, please use discretion and add a trigger warning at the beginning of the text [like this] (particularly in applications). Additionally, we will be sticking to JCINK'S TERMS OF SERVICE. Depictions of pedophilia and bestiality are simply not allowed. Only members and characters 18 years and older will be allowed to join the site.

Activity is an odd thing in roleplay, and we stress that real life should always come before it on Holographic. Because of this, we've simplified what 'activity' means. At the first of each month we post an activity check for roleplayers to post the names of characters they want to keep - and that's it. Characters not listed will be archived, and if by the next month that character still isn't listed the archived account is deleted. If you have to leave for an extended period of time and wish to be exempt from a check, we have our ABSENCE FORUM. Once the date expires on the posted away thread, these rules will fall back into place and your absence notice will be archived.
Avatars: Avatars and application images on the site are 250 x 250 pixels. Mini-profile GIFs can be omitted, but if added they are 230 x 125. If you need help with graphics of any kind, feel free to seek help in our graphic section. Our staff members are adept at Photoshop and will be able to help you out!
Sprites vary in size on the board, but one rule is clear: Pokemon sprites added in the mini-profile should be static, not GIFs. We HIGHLY suggest using the Holo Directory for the mini-profile sprites (all generations, including H Gen, are hosted). This directory is a Holographic exclusive and requires no rehosting, so please utilize this resource!
We have a slew of templates available for use on the site. The only mandatory template is the application, the rest are merely suggestions. Though we'd prefer you use our templates to keep up the site aesthetic, you are free to use others as long as they do not break or stretch the site. You can view all posting, plotting, Pokebank and wanted ad templates in this area.

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