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 Site Guidebook, ...What do I do now?
Professor Oak
 Posted: Mar 21 2015, 02:29 PM
Professor Oak
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THE 411
Hello, and welcome to Holographic!

As you might’ve seen, we’re a Pokemon site, but we do things differently. Set in modern America, specifically the Pacific States, we opt for a more mature approach to Pokemon. No stats, no inventory, no set moves, it’s a different and more freeform take on an old genre. Since this can be a lot to take in we’ve developed this guidebook to help newcomers navigate through the site and learn about our modernized, mature way of addressing Pokemon. We will also go over the site culture a little bit, that way you can decide if Holo sounds compatible for your style straight away.

  • Please read over the site information firstly - our suggested reading order is Plot (featuring the handy Site Timeline), Rules, World, Pokemon, and The Pacific League.
  • If you've read through all that and have a question not answered there, please check out the site's FAQ and Headcanon Directory!
  • Still wondering about something? Our questions forum is guest-friendly and always there for use. In addition, our suggestions forum is a great place to help add to the site! And for any question needing a more in-depth answer or that you'd like to keep private, feel free to PM a member of the staff - we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Things to Remember
  • First and foremost, Holographic strives to be a realistic roleplay with three-dimensional characters and story arcs, so thoughtfulness in development is key.
  • In the Holo-verse, all animals are replaced by Pokemon.
  • Not only do we use the classic Pokedex, we also use Pokemon Sage's Pokedex. All sprites can be found in Holo's exclusive sprite directory HERE.
  • We encourage a laid back, relaxed site environment where everyone can move at their own desired pace with character creation, plotting, and posting. Life is hectic, so we try to offer a site that caters to it. RP is a hobby, after all, and thus the priorities on board reflect that.
First Steps
  • Please register with your character's name using regular case, ie "Ash Ketchum" instead of "ASH KETCHUM" or "ash ketchum".
  • Read thoroughly over the application guide before starting an app.
  • Post your application in this area.
  • Once your application is accepted and processed, the first place to go is the claims. Secondary characters cannot be moved onto/will not be accepted until all of your claims are made. In addition, one in-character post is asked before moving forward to another character.
  • With plotters now included in the application process, every character will have one to respond in upon acceptance. Please utilize these to the fullest! Nobody is opposed to having ideas thrown into their plotter for character interaction and this is the easiest way to get plots going. All plotter replies should be posted in the other person's plotter rather than your own.
Site Culture
Our general opinion on Holo is that you get out of roleplay whatever you put into it - dedicating time and thought to creating a character will make them more interesting to play and play with, looking through and posting in plotters will make others want to plot with you more, and so on. The site as a whole is more likely to plot and dedicate themselves to new members who talk in the CBox, socialize, and make connections - basically any indications that suggest new members will be sticking around the site lead to plotting and friendships. Often in roleplay, people create characters but never reappear. Everyone is wary of this, so showing genuine interest will definitely bring that interest back to you.
  • The CBox is on the site for making connections and building friendships with other members, not for specific plotting. Feel free to mention if your plotter is up or that you're looking to plot more, but trying to hash out entire plots in the CBox can be off-putting to members not involved in that plotting and can kill chatting. Try to keep conversations about plots generalized and continue them individually so others feel free to chat without interrupting.
  • On a similar note, please don't reiterate information regarding personal plots or characters in the CBox repeatedly. We understand being excited about threads or characters, but it can be alienating for newcomers when talk focuses on the same few characters or plots. Mention it however you'd like, but don't make it the main focus.
  • Complaints about anything going on around the site can go straight to the admins - we're here to listen, help, and do everything we can to create a roleplaying environment where people feel safe. We are unbiased and do our best to be forthcoming about addressing issues, so please, let us know.
  • Lastly, but most important, have fun!

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