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 Event: Pacific League Convention, Site-Wide Event #3
Nurse CJ
 Posted: Apr 22 2016, 11:01 PM
Nurse CJ
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It's time for Holographic's next site-wide event, the Pacific League Convention. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, this year's Convention is available for all members to participate in however they please. Following the fallout of the PSS Outage event, articles have built up the continuation of the Convention and a suspicious new group has appeared to stir up trouble. This event will have a huge impact on the Holo universe, so we want to leave time for everyone to engage with the situation before things shift into overdrive.

Below you will find a summary of the situation since the Outage below, how event threads should be labeled, and an award to be claimed for participating.

Read the PNN updates HERE. In chronological order, they go:

  • Official Pokemon Loss Confirmed
  • Poketech Confirms: Blackout was Fatal
  • In Memoriam
  • Paving the Road to Disaster
  • Building the Better Pokeball
  • Where is Shay Mina?
  • Fun This Spring!
  • Counting Down!
  • Shay Spotting
  • Las Vegas Incoming
For an overview of some attractions at the Pacific League Convention, check out the latest PNN article, Las Vegas Incoming.
The Summary
Since the major League-wide losses of the Pokemon Storage System Blackout, tensions between corporations involved and the public have been steadily on the rise. The strain rocketed to a peak when it was announced that the Pacific League Convention would still be taking place following such a widespread tragedy. Petitions to cancel the event, protests against West Coast PC/PokeTech, and general unease have been affecting the Pacific League for months. In the midst of this, Pokemon News Network reporter Shay Mina, who had been covering the PSS Outage with great candor from the start, disappears. In her place comes Evie Miller, a reporter who seems content to gloss over the loss experienced in the tragedy and focus, instead, on the upcoming Convention.

There are those who will not let this loss be swept under the media rug, who are determined to enact some kind of retribution for the Outage. A mysterious group known as Porygone has appeared, drafting volunteers to sneak wild Pokemon into the Las Vegas Convention and cause chaos, showing the corporations how frightened and vulnerable the public felt without their Pokemon.

Thread Labeling
Threads at the Pacific League Convention should take place in this forum and be labeled with LVC: before the title. Once you have a thread at the Convention that totals more than four responses, post in the Berry Buy with a link to the thread to claim the Gengarite mega stone vanity award for participating. Please note that this award will be claimed by character individually, not for the roleplayer's characters as a whole. Because this event is in such a centralized location, communication threads will not count towards gaining this award.
Event Shift
In order to provide some time for members to enjoy all phases of this event, the initial stage of the Las Vegas Convention will run from April 22nd to May 29th. During this time, the Convention will be moving forward normally without any interference from the Porygone group and their plans. Please use this time to have characters mingle and explore the Convention before the second phase of the event begins.

For those who have signed up to have characters involved with the Porygone movement, expect a PM before May 4th with more information on what's about to be happening from that side. In character, participants will arrive at the Convention and will be "texted details" about what steps to take next. Characters signed up for smuggling Pokemon in have been given 5 mysterious Pokeballs and are told to wait at the entrance until further notice.

Janitor Khy
 Posted: Nov 13 2016, 05:03 PM
Janitor Khy
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Thank you all for participating in the LVC and PSS Outage events! These events are now CLOSED.

All PSS functions have been restored.

Any stray pokemon released at LVC (Megas, legendaries, etc) have been rounded up and are being safely contained by CPCC.

Additional plot points are as follows:

Those affected by the LVC ATTACK or PSS OUTAGE will receive compensation averaging $200,000- $500,000 per individual, depending on how badly they were affected. Those severely affected (major injuries, loss of business, permanent damage, etc), will of course be able to claim for higher amounts.

All individuals must submit claims to Pokemon League's legal office, for their case to be processed and compensation to be handed out. This is projected to take months, depending on the number of payees, but the League will work to process these claims ASAP.

Pokemon League, West Coast PC, PokeTech Inc. and Pokemon Storage System (PSS) are looking at almost $18 billion in compensation and $10 billion in crisis response.

PokeTech Inc. has filed for bankruptcy.

Pokemon League


Initial outrage at the League led to protests outside its HQ in Hawaii after the events at LVC, as well as a boycott of training, Gym battles, and the League journey.

Since then, the League has stepped up in public outreach, communication, and aid. Protests have died down, although surveys indicate that general opinions of the League are still mostly negative.

Important Dates:

  • 15/3: After months of discussion, the League has set new industry standards and SLA's on their pokeballs and storage system.
  • 15/5: Pokemon League has publicly apologized for the events at LVC, citing it as "a catastrophic lapse in security" on their part.
  • 20/5: The company has set up support systems for LVC victims, and those affected by the PSS Outage.
  • 20/5: Officials, staff, and trainers (former and otherwise) have been approached to assist in managing affected Gyms.
  • 5/6: Volunteers are encouraged to help at the LVC attack site, help run affected businesses, and help with relief efforts. Signups are available online.
  • 7/7: Funds are being raised for victims.
  • 30/8: Pokemon League has announced a termination of their relationship with West Coast PC in the face of "frankly unacceptable performance" in critical areas.
  • 1/11: Pokemon League will be phasing out the use of West Coast PC pokeballs and solutions, and switching to a yet-unnamed "competitor in the market". Multiple demonstration and proof-of-concept rounds have been conducted to select this competitor.

Pokemon Storage System (PSS)


Trust in PSS solutions is at an all-time low. Efforts are underway to rebuild reputation among the pokemon community, including outreach programmes, celebrity endorsements, and roadshows highlighting safety.

Many people still refuse to use PSS. Alternative approaches like daycares and breeding centers are being used to 'store' pokemon in its place.

The company has been investigated, and cleared, in possible malpractice and negligence resulting in the mass loss of lives. All servers have been thoroughly scanned to ensure they are not compromised.

The company has stepped up measures for validation, security, and failsafes.

PSS is exploring solutions for backing up data in the cloud.

Important Dates:

  • 10/2: Chief of PSS Security Lincoln Jint steps down from his position after months of public outcry.
  • 15/3: Despite a few initial hiccups, PSS meets new SLAs for their storage system.
  • 9/4: PSS counters accusations that its system is to blame for the blackout, bringing in industry experts to disprove this claim.
  • 10/5: PSS opens an additional department, exploring and implementing 'old school' methods of storage that have not been used since 2008 (e.g. physical delivery at PokeCenters, kiosks with Ethernet cables). Initial plans were to showcase some solutions at the LVC, but they were postponed for unspecified reasons.
  • 28/5: Investigations by official authorities have revealed that the mass loss of pokemon was a result of "corrupted code received from West Coast's pokeballs". They have cited flaws in PokeTech Inc's Wireless Solutions as being responsible for scrambling codes and resulting in pokemon being lost from "an otherwise reliable storage system".
  • 15/10: PSS releases Poke-Mobile, a small-scale solution for offline storage, in an attempt to rebuild trust in their systems.
  • 1/11: PSS repeats that their servers are compatible with "most modern solutions", and that the transition to a new pokeball company will be smooth.

West Coast PC/ PokeTech, Inc.
(Pokeballs and Wireless Solutions)


Trust in West Coast/ PokeTech products and solutions is at an all-time low. Numerous protests have been held, with people destroying their pokeballs in demonstration.

Incriminating evidence suggests that PokeTech Inc. is to blame for the blackout: consumers are angry and confused; many believe that monetary compensation is not good enough and demand more accountability.

The use of West Coast PC pokeballs has plummeted. Consumers are turning to alternative brands. There's been a surge in bootleg pokeballs, which authorities have clamped down on.

West Coast PC is no longer the official pokeball supplier of the Pokemon League.

Pokeball customization guru Baller Inc has temporarily stepped in, providing their own brand of pokeballs while the League transitions. They insist the arrangement is temporary, as they are not a pokeball manufacturer.

Important Dates:

  • 15/3: Faced with new standards and SLAs, PokeTech Inc. scrambles to keep up. They employ the help of Baller Inc to help improve their availability and response time.
  • 6/4: Initial statements issued by West Coast PC indicate the company is blaming PSS for the blackout. PokeTech Inc. remains silent on the matter.
  • 5/6: PokeTech Inc. has appealed the results of external investigation, insisting that their solution was "certified for use" by the League and "meets industry standards".
  • 15/6: PokeTech Inc. lost the appeal. Baller Inc. terminates their relationship with PokeTech Inc., citing "shoddy management" as the cause for this fallout.
  • 1/9: PokeTech Inc. files for bankruptcy. West Coast PC takes on responsibility for PokeTech's Wireless Solution, and promises to meet SLAs. The transition does not go over smoothly.
  • 13/9: West Coast PC claims propriety code and software from PokeTech Inc. has not been properly released despite agreements.
  • 2/11: West Coast PC accepts the League's decision to stop using their pokeballs, publicly apologizing for events, but insisting that this "perfect storm" will never happen again.
PSS has made their system available offline (to an extent). Similar to how you can keep working on Google docs even when it's offline, trainers can retrieve or deposit pokemon without needing to connect to wireless. Trainers are invited to obtain their copy of Poke-Mobile from local Pokemon Centers. A "Mobile, Mini Pokemon Box", is how it's being marketed. This gadget, resembling a FitBit watch, is lightweight and portable.

Retrieve pokemon: Poke-Mobile is able to locally download PSS data so that trainers can access their pokeballs without needing to connect to the live system. These pokemon can be traded with the active party, just like you would at the Pokemon Center.

Store pokemon: Any pokemon that needs to be stored (e.g. if the party limit is exceeded as per state regulations), can be temporarily transferred to Poke-Mobile.

The device syncs with live servers daily. At this point, stored pokemon are transferred to the main PSS backend, and users can decide if they'd like to 'download' any new pokemon to their device. This feature can be turned off or rescheduled according to preference.

PSS stresses that this device should not be used as a complete replacement of their system, as it lacks industrial-grade security and failsafe measures. The maximum number of pokemon Poke-Mobile can store is 5.

The mysterious entity known as Porygone seems to have disappeared without a trace. Those involved have received no further instructions since the day of the attack.

Police are investigating suspicious participants, based on recovered footage from security cameras.

All Mega Pokemon released at the LVC have been rounded up by CPCC. Efforts are underway to analyze this strange new subspecies, in order to determine the cause for their divergent evolution, how dangerous they are, and whether or not this condition can be spread to other pokemon.

Preliminary findings indicate that there is no reason to panic, as this is not a disease and is not contagious.

** If you would like your character to have a more significant role in the aftermath (e.g. as the new pokeball company, as a member of PSS, etc), contact khy on this account with your idea. Thanks.


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