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 The Plot, Good ol' US of A
Professor Oak
 Posted: Apr 23 2014, 02:06 PM
Professor Oak
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Welcome to the United States of America, land of Pokemon red, white, and blue! Now don’t pull out those Pokeballs just yet, buckaroo, first we have several regulations to go over. If that Pokemon’s banned you’re looking at a few weeks in jail. We may have to investigate further, make sure you’re not breeding them, running a ring. Oh, and are you over eighteen? If not, you better take that Pokemon to the authorities right away or I’ll confiscate, citizen’s arrest and all, God willing. Pokemon are dangerous, we can’t have a sucker like you getting some kid hurt. The important thing here is to remember that your freedom, it ain’t free.

The times are a-changin'.

The utilization of Pokemon has never been innocent. The first trainers used Pokemon as means of hunting - great, storied companions that many cultures still view as sacred. But as technology and tools developed they became tools of war. And when the wars began to fade, the battles begun.

Of the practices that popped up by way of Pokemon, battling was not a truly evil one. Pokemon have a will to fight in their nature, to test their strengths, especially in favor of one they care for. Decades passed and humanity evolved along with their companions. Things were harmonious. Not everywhere, of course, but where it mattered, with everyday people, life stilled to a quaint goodness. It was not a peace that would keep.

Rights were set in place. Battles ceased being to the death. Well-developed singular Pokemon were favored over obtaining a large number. Skilled trainers reached new heights of fame and fortune, but they were kept off of television and left out of news papers. Laws were set in place to keep unpredictable Pokemon from being let out of their containers within well-populated cities. As more rules were put in place, underground fighting skyrocketed. Certain species were banned after infamous incidents, either for pain they inflicted or acts inflicted against them. Underground trading and breeding developed. Training fell out of style, out of popularity, as so few trainers became recognized for what they were.

While interest in Pokemon training and battles has faded in favor of raising practical pets, the Pacific League is one of the few remaining mechas valuing old world adventure. In these ten states, Pokemon are just as celebrated as ever - albeit some for different, darker reasons.

Politics and opinions toward pocket monsters have shifted widely throughout the states. A growing number in the mid-west refer to them derogatorily as ‘animals’, a term meaning creatures without emotional or thoughtful depth. These folks sustain a living through agricultural means, utilizing Pokemon only for their inherent abilities. The coast features a mass of individuals more prone to pat a Pokemon then send one into battle. In fact, using the creatures for sport is deemed wholly unsavory and abusive, to the point where traveling trainers avoid some communities altogether instead of risking an encounter.

Caching and training Pokemon, as well as visiting gym leaders to conquer, is an antiquated process. More and more barriers are put in place. More rules speckle every newly released guide book. And the rights of Pokemon become more hazy as the general populace’s views of them shift from great protectors to great annoyances.

This is the world of Pokemon life within the United States. American Dream all you want, but no one said it was gonna be easy.


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