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 Holiday Hijinks, Update #21
Janitor Khy
 Posted: Dec 1 2016, 12:53 PM
Janitor Khy
Admin r-rated bucket cat
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Aloha, Holonauts! This December, we've got a line up of pokemon-related updates, all wrapped up and ready to go!

Who's that pokemon?! That's right, GENERATION 7 is now available on Holo. This site-wide introduction and retrofit means that all these brand spanking new pokemon have been released into the wild.

Gen 7 is now available in Wonder Trade, and the randomized Application pokemon.

You may swap out existing pokemon for pokemon from this dex. Visit the Almighty Thread of Swappage for more details.

In the wake of LVC and it's aftermath, Mega Pokemon have found a permanent home on the board, in our hearts, and for some characters, in their ribs.

Mega Pokemon are available by purchase only, via the berry buy.

The following changes have been implemented in an effort to streamline the site:
  • PokeAppear and the Breeding Centre are no more! All pokemon purchase are now centralised at Berry Buy. We felt this was more convenient and fair, as you no longer need to create a thread to request for a pokemon, and breeding still technically counts as obtaining a new pokemon (and should be charged as such). As always, you may decide the details as to how and why your character obtains a pokemon.

    Because we are removing PokeAppear, free common pokemon no longer exist. The common pokemon in a region will be kept for immersion purposes, but do not hold any OOC significance.

    You may, however, request for a random pokemon in the berry buy if you'd like to keep things up in the air.

  • Players who want to trade among their own characters do not need to post in the Trade forum. Just post in pokemon claims, with a link to your pokebox (so we know it's not an imaginary pokemon).

  • Pokemon Boxes have been retired. Box 1 and Box 2 have been moved to a new Pokemon Development Forum. Nothing has been deleted, it just no longer is another official claim. Your character's official list of pokemon will be maintained in the claims section. Note that this is part of an ongoing effort to organize site pokemon in one list (including sorting by active party, shinies, megas, etc), so expect more changes in future months while we get this sorted.

  • We have removed the need to purchase new character slots.

  • Please note changes in our Application Guide, including clarifications to profile/ party pokemon, and an emphasis on IC requirements before more characters are applied.

  • We have a brand spanking new Games forum, which is where Mini-Games and future murder events site games will be held. Keep an eye out for more games in the future!

  • Prices for legendaries, shinies, and megas are now centralised at the berry buy. These prices include a scaling mechanic, which increases with the number of special-type pokemon you have per character (i.e. if you have two legendary pokemon, the price for a new one scales up). There will be no limit to the amount of legendaries, shinies, or megas, provided you can afford it.

    A 'shiny' pokemon counts as such if its design or coloration is drastically different from the original. If in doubt, please contact Khy or Benny.

  • On this note, we are standardising the prices for pokemon across the board. Players who run PokeShops must match the prices of berry buy regardless of pokemon type. Any character-specific changes can be reflected IC (e.g. a pokemon being sold for above or below market value), but berry buy is an OOC mechanic and the two should not be confused.

  • All characters are now required to pay for additional pokemon slots, in batches of 6. Additional slots can be purchased via the berry buy. It is also a ramping cost, based on the total number of pokemon your character owns.

  • You may sell back pokemon to the berry buy, for half their purchase price.
You do not need to pay for any pokemon your character currently owns. These scaling costs will, however, take into account existing pokemon and adjust accordingly, when you make future purchases.

This is a subsection of berry buy.

IC upgrades will still be available to all characters (turning an existing pokemon into a shiny, or a mega). They will be available at higher risks. These threads can be accessed from the berry buy.

We've revamped some of our lore and rules. Check them out here! Most notably:

Legendary lore has been refined.

Shiny lore has been refined.

Mega lore has been introduced. Mega pokemon are not available in the wild.

Ultra Beasts and Mega Legendaries are counted as purely lab-grown pokemon. They are not available in the wild, and are not available via berry buy. The only way to get one is when they are featured as rewards in site games. New lore here.

The 6 pokemon in a character's profile represents an active team, i.e. the team that your character travels with and has on their person. Without exception, there is only one legendary OR mega allowed within this team at a time. This means that your character can own as many as they like, but they can only travel with one.

Throughout the month of December, berry payout has been increased to 10 for posts, 20 for starters.

Keep an eye out for more ways to amass your berry army in future updates and games!


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